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Your Guide to Web Development & Digital Marketing in Lincolnshire


Find the web development and digital marketing support you need to grow your business and how to get started.

Website development and digital marketing can be a real struggle for businesses in a competitive landscape, particularly in the early and growth stages. Faced with limited budgets, resources or expertise, it can be hard to know which strategies and tactics you need to prioritise to grow your company.

We have compiled a wealth of information to help Lincolnshire businesses take advantage of digital marketing to increase efficiencies and achieve their goals. This guide will cover ways web development and digital marketing can support your growth. It will also show you how to determine the ROI of your website and highlight the support and resources available to Lincolnshire businesses to help you achieve your growth goals.

What does web development and digital marketing mean, and why do they matter to my business?

"More businesses were set up in Lincolnshire in 2020 than in any year of the previous 10 years."

(Inform Direct Review of Company Formations 2022)

Many of these new company formations are in the retail sector. Several new businesses are set up to sell goods online or locally, thereby taking advantage of customers’ changing shopping habits.

Given this increasingly competitive landscape, if your business is looking to secure a sustainable commercial future, investing time, money and energy into your digital marketing strategy is a wise move.

Digital marketing is a term used to describe all of your company's online marketing efforts. From your website to your online branding assets, social media channels, digital advertising, email marketing, online brochures, and beyond -- there’s a vast range of tactics and assets that fall under the remit of digital marketing. (Hubspot 2022)

A website is a critical digital asset for many businesses, not only for marketing. Depending on your business, a website can create efficiencies or sell directly to your customers and be an essential part of your customer’s journey.

Hubspot (2022) defines web development as “The work that goes into building a website. This could apply to anything from creating a single plain-text webpage to developing a complex web application or social network. “ Developers create websites using their preferred tools, technologies, integrations and workflows.

Think of your website as an investment. Having a solid online presence, particularly a website, can be essential for generating more revenue.  

How do you measure the Return on Investment or ROI of a website?

Here's a simple calculation that can help you measure your website's ROI.


For example, if your website costs £9,000 to develop. With an estimated lifespan of 3 years (before it will need redesigning), your yearly cost of web development is £3,000. Your website will need to generate at least £3,000 in sales per year to justify the investment. If your average order value is £100, your website will need to convert 30 customers minimum per year.

Enter your data in the fields provided to determine the ROI of your website.


To achieve good ROI for your website, you need a site built specifically to attract visitors, generate enquiries, and convert customers. Digital marketing can help you connect to your audience and is an invaluable way to promote your business, service, or product and increase your website ROI.

The benefits of digital marketing:

  • Low cost, flexible and agile
  • Offers complete control of your brand and messaging
  • Boosts awareness by reaching new audiences
  • Can drive website traffic, conversions and in turn revenues

What digital marketing help is locally available for Lincolnshire businesses?

Depending on the size of your business, you may have internal resources available to drive your digital strategy forward. If you don’t, support for your website and digital marketing efforts is available from local web design and digital marketing companies. 

Below is a list of services available to help grow your business:

Lincolnshire Web Design

A stunning website that is powerful, mobile-friendly and easy to use can deliver a great visitor experience and help you stay ahead of your competition.

Website Development in Lincolnshire

Websites not only need to look great, but they need to work and perform well for a seamless user experience.


Make every aspect of your site and marketing assets consistent with your brand personality. This includes your images, layout, web copy and blog posts.

Graphic Design Lincolnshire

By applying visual hierarchy and layout strategies, a professional design team can help your business visually communicate specific messages to your target audiences.

Social Media Management

Reach new audiences and engage with more prospects to generate new leads.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

Optimise your website and improve its prominence on major search engines like Google.


Whether you are looking for help creating a funding application, conducting a website audit or reviewing your digital marketing strategy, local experts are available to guide you through the process.

Content Creation

Creative content can engage prospects and customers, attract visitors to your site, and ultimately generate revenue for your business.

Email & Workflow Marketing 

With effective email marketing and email workflows, you can send the right messages, at the right time, to the right people and help guide them through the customer journey.

eCommerce Website Design

Get a high performing eCommerce website that converts. Create and develop your WooCommerce or Shopify store to grow your online business. Investing in WooCommerce or Shopify development can not only help your business increase efficiencies but can also provide an excellent customer experience.

eCommerce Subscriptions

Reduce customer churn and boost brand loyalty. eCommerce subscriptions help you turn transactions into relationships.

eCommerce Stock Management 

Increase efficiency and reduce operational costs with an organised approach to sourcing, storing, tracking, and shipping inventory for your eCommerce business. 

eCommerce Fulfilment

The right eCommerce fulfilment service can give your business a competitive edge. We can help you with website integrations to manage customer orders, send shipments, and product availability.

A local agency can discuss your business goals with you face-to-face and will have connections with various other companies in the area to support your business.

Support Schemes

If you need funding to test and develop your digital business idea, you may be able to get help from a support scheme in the form of a government grant or loan. An experienced local agency can help you apply for financial support for your digital projects and partner with you to execute funded projects to move your business idea forward.

Should I partner with a digital marketing company?

If you want a successful website, you know you’re going to need a great team. Getting access to leading digital experts who have proven tactics and strategies to help you achieve scalable growth and success is smart.

Local agencies are invested in your growth and success. When choosing a web development agency to work with, consider the following:

  • Do they have a clear understanding of my business goals?
  • Do they have a methodical approach?
  • Can I work with them on a fixed term or retainer basis?
  • Can they communicate with me clearly and effectively
  • Can I trust their expertise?
  • Can I see them as an extension of my marketing team or business?
  • Are they willing to share information and results with me?

Ultimately you want a Lincolnshire based digital marketing company dedicated to providing your local business with high converting websites and marketing activity that will get you results.

Who are &beyond?

Experts in website design, Louth-based agency, &beyond, build high-converting, bespoke websites for ambitious businesses which generate healthy and sustained growth.

A digital marketing service that delivers results

Our expert team of digital professionals work closely with businesses to understand what will help them drive their business forward.

We avoid using technical jargon or complicated reports. We explain things in a simple way that is easy to understand and act on. This is critical to get the very best for your budget.

Using the same strategies and tactics that large agencies use, our team strips out the parts that offer little value to local businesses. This keeps costs reasonable and increases your return of investment (ROI). We can support you across the entire spectrum of digital marketing, ensuring no priority areas are missed.

Why work with &beyond

We provide a range of services to help grow your online sales, grow your brand and grow your business.  We are a team of nine eCommerce and marketing experts who specialise in helping companies to grow their online sales. Using a Growth-Driven Design approach, we help you minimise risk by producing a high converting website that deliver.

We solve for clients

We don't want to satisfy our clients; we want to delight them and fight to keep things simple for our clients and their customers.

Results matter

Data helps us to get better results. We believe that data is the key to growth and success both for ourselves and our clients.

We can help local businesses apply for Lincolnshire business funding

If you can demonstrate that an investment will create new jobs or significantly increase your turnover, you may be able to access local government grants. We have helped serval local businesses in Lincolnshire apply for and successfully secure grant funding for digital projects. 

  • Help you tailor your application to the objectives
  • Provide strategic information to help you produce a thorough business plan
  • Explain how you’ll use the money and how the funding will help you grow your business


Lincolnshire Success Stories

Since 2013 &beyond have helped several local businesses improve their presence online. In the past year alone we have helped over 50 companies achieve their business goals.

We are proud to have been part of the journey for the following local brands:


Advanced Angling Solutions

Web design Louth: Synchronised stock across sales channels and streamlined order fulfilment and shipping processes.


Trotters Traders

Website Design Scunthorpe: Designed a new online store in Shopify and provide ongoing graphic design and digital marketing support.


Ebb and Flo Living

Web Development Cleethorpes: Redeveloped website to help reach new markets and diversify product offering. 



Web Design Grimsby: Website design and productivity enhancements to improve user experience and increase efficiencies.



Website Design Grimsby : Marketing strategy, website rebrand and redesign as well as ongoing website support.



Web Design Gainsborough: Website content and technical support including SEO and eCommerce functionality.


Hall Farm Park

Website Development Caister: Website redesign and eCommerce functionality to reduce costs and offer a better user experience.


Reel Grimsby Fish Co.

Website Design Grimsby: Company branding and eCommerce website.


Surprise Shirts

Digital Marketing Horncastle: Website migration to HubSpot and ongoing digital marketing support.

Ryan Wadham, MD, Trotters Traders

It’s been an absolute pleasure working with the &beyond team. Seamless and hassle-free, and I’m so impressed with how quickly we managed to achieve our goal.

Read more of our case studies

Harnessing the power of digital marketing

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